Welcome to Empire Bookkeeping

We are so excited to officially announce the launch of our new business… Empire Bookkeeping!

We believe that bookkeeping is such an integral and important aspect of every business and we wanted to develop an offering to our clients to be able to provide them with the best level of support and solutions in this very specialised area of their business.

Empire Bookkeeping’s vision is to provide our clients with the most efficient, effective, resourceful and streamlined solution for their business and financial records.

Fun Facts about Empire Bookkeeping…

  • We have in fact been looking after the bookkeeping needs of a select few clients over the past 4+ years in Empire Accountants so it is super exciting that these bookkeeping services will no longer be hiding in the shadows!
  • We are all about having the right people and the right systems for your business.
  • We use technology coupled with people power to provide solutions.
  • We will work out a fixed fee solution to your needs so you know exactly what it costs and what you will get.
  • We are committed to providing year round support so your business is always looked after.

Book a complimentary meeting with one of our specialists and find out how Empire Bookkeeping can help your business today! 07 3124 0244