Hello! Welcome to Empire Bookkeeping

Empire Bookkeeping was established by Empire Accountants to provide a solution driven service for the bookkeeping needs of their clients

Back in 2015, Beth & Luke,  took a leap and launched a little (or maybe not so little anymore) business, Empire Accountants, which was the brainchild of these crazy cats with a shared passion to breathe new life into the accounting industry. Taking this passion one step further, they embarked on an extended journey to do the same to the world of Bookkeeping!

When the best bookkeeper in Brisbane landed at their footstep there was no stopping them! Natasha Spackman packed up her 12+ years of bookkeeping experience and moved on into Empire HQ. Natasha has been leading the Empire Bookkeeping team to provide solutions for a range of business and not-for-profit organisations since 2018.

Fun Facts about Empire Bookkeeping…

We have been providing bookkeeping services through Empire Accountants since 2015.
We are all about having the right people and the right systems for your business.
We use technology coupled with people power to provide solutions.
We will work out a fixed fee solution to your needs so you know exactly what it costs and what you will get.
We are committed to providing year round support so your business is always looked after.

Call us today on 07 3124 0244 to organise a complimentary meeting.



Natasha has been leading her Empire Bookkeeping team to provide quality and expert solutions to our clients 

Learn more about Natasha

Fabienne is a business bookkeeper, passionate about making the numbers work!

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Mel is a certified bookkeeper who maintains our files for our monthly small business and not for profit clients.

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Kate is a small business bookkeeper, assisting clients with maintaining accurate and up-to-date financials.

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